About Greencape

Greencape Capital is a specialist Australian equities fund manager.

Greencape Capital (Greencape) is a specialist Australian equities fund manager based in Melbourne. The investment team is focused on, and committed to, delivering superior performance, directly aligning its interests with those of its investors. Greencape has a highly credentialed, stable and collegiate team who focus the majority of their time and energy speaking to people running real world businesses client’s in Australia and around the globe. This highly proprietary aspect to their process delivers Greencape with valuable insights and evaluations that drive performance outcomes.

Core values:

  • We are committed to delivering superior returns. Repeatable outperformance is a cornerstone of our business philosophy. In this regard our interests are highly aligned with our clients’ interests.
  • We believe in observation rather than prediction. When assessing a company to invest in, we undertake an intensive visitation program. This includes meeting with participants through the value chain, such as a company’s suppliers, customers and competitors. We then piece together the information from these sources to verify observed facts. The verification step is critical to deriving better informed and high conviction investment decisions while avoiding unproven theories and mere predictions.
  • Our investment approach is targeted and efficient. Our company visitation is highly targeted, and is focused on efficiently collecting and verifying relevant information.
  • Capacity limits are considered a tangible competitive advantage. We limit the size of our funds under management in order to remain nimble in seeking outperformance for our clients.
  • We focus only on investing. By providing a broad range of integrated services to Greencape Capital, Fidante Partners frees up the Greencape investment team to focus on what it does best; investing and managing assets.